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Sanfrecce Hiroshima is a professional association football club based in Asaminami-ku, Hiroshima in Japan. It competes in the J1 League. The club's name comes from the union of the word 'San' (three in Japanese) and the Italian word 'frecce' (arrows). This is based on the story of Mori Motonari who told his three sons to brake a single arrow (it's so easy), then he asked them to brake three arrows held together (this is very difficult) so he showed them that the union makes strong. The team was founded in 1938 as Toyo Kogyo Soccer Club and played in the semi-professional Japan Soccer League, winning the title 4 times in a row. In 1981 the club changed the name in Mazda SC. In 1992 it became "Sanfrecce Hiroshima". 


Kit and Colours

Sanfrecce 2015 home kits are in the traditional purple of the club with vertical stripes in a darker shade of purple than the rest of the uniform. Away kit is predominantly white.



Hiroshima Big Arch


Palmarès as Toyo Kogyo SC & Mazda SC

Domestic Leagues

Japan Soccer League: (5) 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1970

Domestic Cups

Emperor's Cup: (3) 1965, 1967, 1969

All Japan Works Football Championship: (2) 1956, 1962 (shared)

NHK Super Cup: (1) 1967

International Titles

Asian Club Championship: Third place 1969

Palmarès as  Sanfrecce Hiroshima

Domestic Leagues

J. League Division 1 Champions (3): 2012, 2013, 2015

J.League First stage Champions (1): 1994

J1 League Second stage Champions (1): 2015

J. League Division 2 Champions (1): 2008

Domestic Cups

Japanese Super Cup Winners (3): 2008, 2013, 2014

International Competitions

FIFA Club World Cup Third Place (1): 2015

Sanfrecce Hiroshima Team

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