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Kecskeméti TE (officially Kecskeméti Testedző Egyesület, Kecskemét Gymnastics Club) is a club that is most famous for its football team. It is located in the city of Kecskemét, Bacs-Kiskun, Hungary and is competing in the NB I, the top league of Hungarian football.


History - early years

The club was founded on 11 June 1911, and attracted primarily local workers as players in the early years. The first managing director was Ferenc Kéry. The first colours of the club were red and green. The first match was played on 15 August 1911, in which Kecskeméti TE lost to KSC by 1–0. The second match was won 5–1 against Szolnoki MÁV.

On 29 July 1913, Kecskeméti TE merged with the other team from Kecskemét, KSC. During World War I, the team was formed with mainly under 18 players. On 11 April 1926, the first stadium was inaugurated, and the first match was played against the local rival Ceglédi RC. During this period, Hungarian national football team player Lajos Kovács played here. From 1945 the team played its matches near the local railway station.

In the 1946–47 season the team was promoted to the Nemzeti Bajnokság II (the second division) for the first time in the history of the club. On 28 June 1949, the two teams of Kecskemét merged. The new name of the team became KszTE. The colours of the team were blue and red. One of the best player during that time was Máté Fenyvesi (former player of the Ferencváros). On 11 January 1954, the team changed its name to Kecskeméti Kinizsi. In 1966, the team was promoted to the Nemzeti Bajnokság II after being relegated to the third division in the previous years. In 1967, the team reached the semifinals in the Hungarian Cup.

In 1972 KSC, the other club of the town, was founded. It was supported by local workers during these years. In the 1990s the team played in the local division and in the third division. The "local derby" was always a big city event. The two teams became archrivals until their merger in 1999.


Recent years

The first years of the third millennium brought confusion and many troubles to the football team in Kecskemét. However, this ended in 2006 when Pál Rózsa and János Versegi became the chairmen of KTE. They started to build a strong and successful club, with great support from Dr. Gábor Zombor, mayor of Kecskemét. The promotion to NB I was finally achieved in 2008, and KTE became the first football club from the city of Kecskemét to play in the Hungarian first league.

Today, several thousand citizens attend matches. The local enthusiasm is much greater than the Hungarian average. The first season in the top Hungarian league was very successful for the team. In the Nemzeti Bajnokság I 2008–09 the team finished 5th. The second year was less successful, because in the 2009-10 Nemzeti Bajnokság I season the team finished 10th.

The club reached their zenith in 2011 by winning the Magyar Kupa (Hungarian Cup). On 17 May 2011, the Kecskeméti TE won the Magyar Kupa, beating Videoton in the final 3–2 in the Puskás Ferenc Stadium in Budapest. The victory meant that the club would be able to play their first international match since they qualified for the Europa League.

The centenary year 2011 became the most successful year in the 100-year history of the club. The first international match was played at home in front of 3,400 spectators at the Széktói Stadion in Kecskemét. The final result was 1–1 against the Kazakh Aktobe. The Hungarian goal was scored by Siniša Radanović while the Kazakh goal was scored by Malick Mane.



The team plays its home games at Széktói Stadion, built in 1962. With 4,300 seats, and standing room for 2,000 in the standing-only sections, it is the largest football stadium in Kecskemét.

In 2002, it was completely renovated. The lighting installation consists of 128 floodlights mounted on four masts 38m in height, and the average vertical illuminance is 1200 lx.



Kecskeméti players wear a mainly purple uniform, with purple t-shirt, white shorts and purple socks. The away kit has usually been predominantly white, sometimes with purple elements.



Hungarian Cup

Winners (1): 2010–11

Hungarian League 2

Winners (1): 2007–08

Hungarian League 3

Winners (4): 1946, 1958, 1989–90, 1994–95

Kecskeméti LC Team

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