On the wave of growth throughout Italy of the American Football movement in the January 2000 a group of enthusiasts formed the A.S. "I Guelfi". The intent is to return to Florence and promote the most spectacular and exciting USA sport.

The club affiliated immediately to F.I.A.F. (Italian Federation of American foootball) and enrolled the team in the Championship to 9 (Nine League) standing out for the management structure and programmatic clarity.

The team and the project collect a good public success and return on local media thanks to the indispensable support of the Municipality of Florence in the person of the Sports Councillor Eugenio Giani which sees in the project a reason of pride for the City of Florence.

I Guelfi follow the philosophy of "positive training" and disagree the mentality of "winning in any way". This philosophy has only one goal - winning - but they have a second goal even more important which is to use experience in sports to help children to be the best they can be in the greatest possible safety.



The official emblem of the city of Florence is a red fleur-de-lis on a white field and it has been used for the badge of the club.


Kit and colors

I Guelfi wear a purple uniform with white stripes in home matches. The away kit features white jersey and purple pants.



Guelfi Stadium




Ninebowl 2003

Official website: http://www.guelfifirenze.it/