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Gioiese Football Club, better known as Gioiese, is an Italian football club based in the city of Gioia Tauro. It Plays in the Promotion, the sixth level of the Italian football championship. The Club was founded in 1918. There is no news about its first championships, however, it is sure the participation in regional championships ULIC until 1927 and in the regional championship of Third Division in 1930. In 1945, at the end of the war, the club was finally affiliated to FIGC as "Unione Sportiva Gioiese" and took part in his first championship of a certain level, the First Division, then the fourth level of Italian football pyramid. In the 1946-1947 season it got a useful placing in order to be admitted to the Series C. Unfortunately at the end of the season the team was relegated in the regional championship promotion because of reorganization of the championships decided by the Federation.

For the next three decades Gioiese disputed with mixed fortunes regional Promotion and First Category championships, winning the first cup in its history in 1966, Calabria Cup. Two years later, in 1968, there is the merger with the "Amatori Calcio", second town team born in the first few decades of the twentieth century, creating the "Associazione Calcio Gioiese". After a few years the Club won the championship Promotion in 1971-1972 and obtained the Serie D. The first season in the fourth set was anonymous, with the conquest of the twelfth position in the ranking and thus a peaceful salvation. For the following season the technical guide was entrusted to a young Franco Scoglio, who was preparing to face his first experience on a bench at a certain level. Under his direction, Gioiese played a league above all expectations by touching promotion to Serie C, finishing second three points behind league leaders Messina.

After several seasons more or less satisfactory finally Gioiese, Below the guide of Franco Scoglio again, won the championship, winning promotion to Serie C2.

For the Serie C2 1982-1983 the technical guide was entrusted to Bruno Jacoboni, former trainer of Vibo Valentia. The team disputed a low ranking championship and, despite the alternation on the bench Ulderico Sacchella closed second from bottom, three points from Alcamo and Latin America. The following year Gioiese closed to third from bottom on its section of the Interregional Championship, returning in the regional championships.

The old Gioiese disappears in 2004, overwhelmed by debt. So the first team of Gioia became the D.S. Gioia Tauro but after two seasons Promotion gave the title to the Vallata Bagaladi. In 2007, the footballing heritage town was taken by the Libero Calcio Nuova Gioiese, a team founded in 1968 and which, under the leadership of President Rombolà, make a big climb, reaching the Category Excellence.
In the 2012-2013 season the team achieved promotion to Serie D after holding the championship lead since the first days. The promotion comes at the third last day at the end of the away match against Brancaleone. The Nuova Gioiese due to financial problems in the season 2015/16 will start from the first category. April 3, 2016, the Nuova Gioiese Wins First Class Calabria 2015/2016 Championship and is again promoted in Promotion CALABRIA.



Pasquale Stanganelli Stadium.



The historic Gioiese color is purple, but the Club was founded with the colors white and blue. The first game was held in white and blue stripes, with white shorts and white socks. Then in the fifties, the Club started to wear the purple, and from that moment it became the official colour of Gioiese.



Gioiese has changed its emblem several times during its history. Today club's brand has a dynamic and rounded shield. An eagle is placed inside, with a ball between his legs and a yellow star above his head. The interior of the logo consists of white alternating stripes and purple. At the top there is the inscription "Gioiese" on a black background, while in the lower part, there are three palm trees.



ASD Gioiese does not have a mascot. However, in the 2015-2016 season, the club has established a collaborative relationship with the dance school "Armada Nueva" of Gioia Tauro that - between the first and second half - entertains all fans with shows and choreographed cheerleading, on the model of what happens at sporting events of American teams.



Interregional titles: 1 (1981-1982)

Eccellenza league: 2 (1993-1994, 2012-2013)

Promozione league: 4 (1953-1954, 1971-1972, 1979-1980, 2006-2007)

Prima Categoria: 1 (2015-2016)

Coppa Calabria: 3 (1965-1966, 2001-2002, 2015-2016)

Supercoppa Calabria: 1 (2012-2013)

Supercoppa Calabria di Prima Categoria: 1 (2015-2016)