FLorentia Rugby

The Florentia Rugby was founded in 2013 by the union of Bombo Rugby and the Rugby Club Florence. The Bombo was a club created on a school experience by Vincenzo Mordini, then grown in view of youth level rugby development. The Firenze Rugby Club  boasted a senior level tradition with a first team permanently present in the Serie B and C.
In 2013 under the impulse and the will of many members of the two clubs, Florentia Rugby was born in order to grow together, continuing the journey into this wonderful sport.


Kit and colors

When the club was founded the old colors were abandoned and white-purple was choosen for the new uniforms. Colors that only superficially recall the football team of the city. The purple is ancient history of Florence, many purple tissue were source of wealth for its Renaissance families, purple flower which is the symbol of the city, the beautiful "reflections ice" iris.

The Purple Aim

The primary goal of the club is to represent a defense of good practices for young people and adults within the district 4, such as health education, respect for the environment, loyalty, which together and through rugby, contribute to form the citizen. For all members of the club rugby is not just a sport but above all a school of life. A school based on the fun and the respect of others, from child to adult where you can learn something from the other. A school without teachers, but only people that, with commitment and dedication, give and receive a dose of confidence and hope in others. The Florentia want to build a path where young people can see a "clean way" for the future. it also looks to adults, offering a place to share joys, emotions and rally in times of pain and grows through the efforts of many women who daily allow the Florentia to exist.

Official website: http://www.florentiarugby.it/