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Club Villa Dálmine

Club Villa Dálmine

Club Villa Dálmine Team 2019

Club Villa Dálmine, frequently called just "Dálmine" is an Argentine football club from Campana, Buenos Aires Province. It was founded at the end of the 1950s by the "Dálmine SAFTA" factory, which decided to found a social club with the purpose to allow its employees to practise sports.

In 1960 Dálmine joins Liga Campanense de Fútbol with a team mostly formed by workers and administrative employees of the company. One year later Villa Dálmine affiliated to Torneo de Aficionados (currently Primera D), becoming champion that same year and subsequently promoting to the upper division, Primera C. The team scored the most goals and received the fewest goals during that season. In 1963, two years later, Villa Dálmine won another title, promoting to Primera B Metropolitana. Over the years the club has faced several relegations and promotions. In the 1980s Dálmine created a Football School, with the purpose of promoting the practise of football among the children from Campana. Some of them would take part of the first team in successive years. During the 1990s the club changed its name to "Atlético Campana", which was rejected by most of the fans, so the institution brought its name back in February 2000.



The color adopted for the club is purple.



"El Viola" (an expression derived from the word "violeta" in Spanish)



El Coliseo, Campana, Buenos Aires Province



Primera B: 1988–89

Primera C: 1963, 1975, 1982, 2012

Primera D: 1961

Club Villa Dálmine Team

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