Glasgow Clan  2018/19 Gardiner Conference Champions

Braehead Clan is a Scottish professional ice hockey team formed in 2010. It is currently one of four Scottish clubs playing in the top British league, the 'Elite Ice Hockey League'.



The official mascotte is a highland cow named Clangs



Braehead Arena


Elite Ice Hockey League results

Season 2010-11: 5th

Season 2011-12: 6th

Season 2012-13: 8th

Season 2013-14: 5th

Season 2014-15: 2th



When Braehead Clan was born It began to make marketing through the creation of the 'Braehearts', female supporters who would promote the team at events and in the community, they wore specially created 'Braehearts' jerseys, similar to those of the team's home jerseys.

The club also held open days which were to attract new potential supporters.

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