centro atlÉtico Fénix

C.A. Fénix Team

Centro Atlético Fénix is an Uruguayan sports club from Montevideo. The football team was founded on 7 July 1916 by a group of young men who named the club "Fénix" (Phoenix) refering to the mythological bird.

 In 2002 the club qualified to play in Copa Libertadores for the first time, a feat they repeated in 2003, but the club were relegated from the Primera División at the end of the 2005/2006 season. At the end of the Segunda División 2008-09 Fenix got the promotion in Primera División because they scored more points in Apertura and Clausura.



Albivioletas, Los de Capurro, Mugrientos, Maquina de Capurro



The club's colors are the purple chosen to represent eternity and white to represent purity. Away uniform is red.



Estadio Parque Capurro, Montevideo, Uruguay



Segunda División: 7

1956, 1959, 1973, 1977, 1985, 2007, 2009


Tercera División: 3

1942, 1949, 1991


Performance in CONMEBOL competitions

Copa Libertadores: 2 appearances

2003: First Round

2004: First Round


Copa Sudamericana: 1 appearance

2011: First Round



Racing Club de Montevideo

Official website: https://www.cafenix.com.uy

Centro Atlético Fénix
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