ANONIMA RUGBYSTI FLORENTIA was born thanks to a group of rugby apprentices, coming from Isolotto, a district of Florence, now Florentia Rugby, who knocked at the door of the clubhouse Sesto Senso of Sesto Fiorentino asking for hospitality and a field where learning to play rugby. Since that day, these guys have created a partnership, "Le Panze Ovali" (in english the Oval Bellies), who moved to the field of Marco Polo, it began to grow both qualitatively and quantitatively thanks to the loving care of the beloved President, the Lider Maximo Marco "Lenny" who, with great effort, began to give this group a more defined appearance, more and more team, more and more part of Florentia Rugby.
Led by coaches Claudio and Guido, this team grew following values of this magical sports: Courage, Strength, Sacrifice and again Loyalty, Friendship, True Sense of Sports.
The first few games, the first tournaments and the first defeats arrived, always very honorable,
but the good play was coming and the small rugby players growing also started cashing the first victories until getting to victory at Mantova tournament of 2015, with a quick and fluid game, balloons unexpectedly remained glued to the hands and not burst.

And all this respecting the principles of the club, along with the greatest maximum participation, giving space to everyone: old and new players, good and less good, because the Rugby is an amazing sport, the only one where victory always passes from the hands of partner and what a player on the field is related to what they do all his companions.
Following, all team members decided to complete the amalgamation giving themselves a new name and new colors, so the ANONIMA RUGBYSTI FLORENTIA was born, with the intention of bringing as many as possible OLD (adults> 35 years) to Rugby to support it, facilitate it , tell it to the crowds, take the children, daughters and wives to play and see them become passionate.


Kit and colors

Uniform recalls the colours of the football team of Florence the white and the purple.