Haroldo Peña

Full name: Haroldo Renato Peña Lucero

Nickname: León de Collao

Date of birth: 24 November 1942

Place of birth: Los Andes, Chile

Playing position: Defender


Haroldo Renato Peña Lucero was born on 24 November 1942 in Chile. He started to play football when he was 7 years old in Los Andes and later in Trasandino where he showed to have all abilities to play professional football. In 1967 he was contacted by Deportes Concepción and he took the difficult decision to leave home to play football. 

At his first year Haroldo helped Concepción to win the second division title and to get the promotion in the first division. All team realized about its high performance and class. Haroldo Peña was nicknamed by his fans “León de Collao”, in english Lion of Collao, because of his fierce style of play.